The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a wide range of sex-positive and kink-positive communities,

and many official and unofficial organizations, each with its own traditions, events, leaders, and wisdom.

We at PerverCity seek to bring these individuals and groups together to celebrate and affirm our many forms

of self-expression, to increase awareness of the diversity of our communities, to share skills and a sense of history,

and to help us all realize our shared interests in a larger society.

We do not officially represent any existing group or organization, but our collective identities and

affiliations span a wide range of groups and organizations in the Bay Area.

Collectively, our members come from every part of the leather, queer, sex and fetish communities.

We are gay, bi, het, trans, genderqueer, BDSM, fetish, poly, boi, girl, daddy, diva, bear, and more.

PerverCity is open to all those who share our vision and who play well with others, and we are actively

seeking to expand both awareness of our goals and our group.

We currently have almost 20 organizers involved, with a core group of about 8 leading organizers.

In addition to our larger vision, we all share the ability to grow a vision into a reality.

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